sponsorship at Rooster Truck Racing comes in a variety of forms, and each package can be full tailored to meet your businesses demands. However, regardless of the level of sponsorship you choose, you can expect a surge of brand exposure and a race team that guarantees results both on and off the track!

With extensive and balanced coverage on Skysports (Racemax), Motorsport TV, Motor Trend on Demand, and Motors TV, our reach extends to over 98 million TV viewers worldwide each season a figure with grows year on year.

We also work closely with our sponsors and partners to develop bespoke content for both TV and online media services, highlighting partnerships and offering additional brand exposure to those involved.

The Rooster Truck Racing is excited to be one of the first to successfully engage a vast audience on social media, and along with our own presence we also have supporting partnerships with the various race organisations in the industry to boast a reach of over 9 million engaged users across ALL social media platforms.

This year we have reinvested in our own digital marketing to ensure that these numbers continue to grow, and we're keen to work with sponsors to develop tailored social media campaigns to maximise brand exposure.

Thanks to new and renewed partnerships with hundreds of international publicists, we now boast exposure in over 1000 international publications both on and offline throughout various magazines, newsletters and articles, again amassing incredible numbers in terms of readership all over the world.

As with all of our media outlets, sponsors are able to work with the team to develop bespoke articles and features, perfect for annoucing partnerships with the team, announcing new products or services and much more.

For further information and to enquire about sponsorship, please complete the below form for a call back.